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Personally, I have not any major problems with MOPIC aside from an error on the part of CP. I ordered a KWA M4 from him, yes it took a little longer than he stated but I was out of country with the navy at the time so it didn't make any difference on my end. The only hiccup I have really had with him was that I ordered a Li-Po battery pack at the same time and I have yet to receive it. He has kept in delayed but consistent comms with me regarding it and has apparently sent me out a new one. Would I do business with him again? Absolutely I would. What some people here need to learn is a little thing called patience. As a few here have already mentioned is that it was not too long ago that there were only a couple of retailers and you had to wait months and in some cases years for that gun you ordered and some of them were shoddy at best and total and complete fraud at worse, A&A and PropsCanada instantly jump out in my mind. Yes he is a little slow on the uptake but in the end you either get what you ordered or a complete refund.
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