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Originally Posted by Elrick View Post
Hi - Where can someone get all the relevant laws regarding what can be purchased and what can not be purchased with regard to the various guns out there???
Hello Elrik

The short and sweet of how airsoft works in Canada right now is only guns that have a clear reciever or clear section of the body which reveals its internals will be allowed to be imported from out of country. Although its a lot more complicated than that.

The link posted above by Bowers contains many useful links, specifically you should view :

Airsoft and Canadian law

Next you should take sometime and review the Legal importation info:

This next link should cover the majority of the remaining questions you have in regards to the laws:

Finally if you are interested in an actual Canadian government doctument I suggest attempting to find an online copy of The Canadian customs Tariff Shedule. Specifically Tariff 9898.00.00 and reading through it that should fill in the remaining of any questions you may have.

Once you have thoroughly read through all the info I have provided you, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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