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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
Why not get some members or helpers to help out shipping the goods?
Wouldn't that get the job done way easier, less complaints, people will be happy, and get your reputation up the charts?

That would mean he would have to pay more people. Takes away from his profit. He's in it for the profit, like all retailers here on ASC.

The retailers here can deny it all they want, "I have to pay this person for importing and blah blah blah" It's a load of bull. That or they have the WORST importing method ever! I recently did some research to get a brand new aeg. I pm'd four different local "suppliers" and got three different prices. Two were what I was expecting, near $600. One was closer to $500, good. But the guy I'm going with? $400 even for it. So tell me how there's a $200 difference for the EXACT SAME GUN!? Retailers have the worst monopoly on the airsoft market because the canadian laws work FOR them and provide a monopoly for them..
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And you're calling us immature? Neuter yourself with a hammer.
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It will help to not get you flamed here, and will help you get a job that doesn't require the repeated use of the phrase "Would you like fries with that?"
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