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A few questions about legal status and compariosons

Ok, to begin with, I HAVE read the FAQ regarding the legality of airsoft guns in Canada, however a few questions are still floating around in my head. I'm new to airsoft (actually just started about a week ago when some friends and I decided to get some cheep spring pistols for an exam break).

I am a long time shooter, starting with rifles when I was younger and now moving onto pistols (mostly the Colt 1911, which I am looking to purchase). I was doing some research into guns and found a really interesting Colt 1911 full-weight metal blowback airsoft pistol and figured it would be great for some live fire training in my basement when I can't get out to a range and would double as a great gun for airsoft games. Now, just to clarify, this would be illegal in Canada, correct? It does have the orange tip, however is not clear plastic body. Is this the current classification of a restricted airsoft weapon, or is there more I should know? Also, do the rules of plastic clear guns apply only to pistols, or to larger, assault rifle class guns as well?

It's really stupid that pellet guns, which can fire at a much higher velocity and with much more lethal rounds, can be exact replicas, made of metal and not have an orange cap while the safer alternative, airsoft, is the one that bites the bullet (no pun intended).

Thanks for the help, sorry if I missed a post somewhere that answered these questions.

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