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Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
I also have a job and when I sell stuff I try to be as professionnal a seller as I can.
For me there is simply no excuse for providing a rotten service, if you can't do it properly, don't do it.
'helping the community' seems like a good excuse to just be incompetent, when all I see is people with an import license and making cash out of it.
After this I'm done. Its clear that there is just a fundamental difference of opinion that is not about to change. But I do have to ask, what kind of volume do you do? Its my understanding that the amount of orders he gets is rather large, and it seems by and far that the screw ups are the minority of orders. Its not like everyone who has ever orderd from the guy has gotten a run around, a few poeple have had trouble, and its always been resolved in the end, either through refund or delivery. Stating that if he can't keep up with the volume that he should shut down is absurd! Its that kind of mentality that had us paying $850 for a TM M4A1 RIS a few years back, and its already starting again with some of the new releases from the new retailers (Price Doubling much?). I'd rather have a few more slow to reply e-tailers out there, than three that reply quickly, have fixed price agreements and like to over charge.

This isn' Wal-Mart. This isn't Best-Buy. This isn't Zellers. Its a one man show, run on the side offering items. Don't like? Don't buy.
Maybe you'll find someone else to help you. Maybe black mesa... THAT WAS A JOKE, ha ha, fat chance.

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