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Originally Posted by Aegiis View Post
As long as noobs finds all these exchanges informative... You see, for me ROF is not an issue. Since I fire 90% of the time in semi or very short bursts, I don't mind TM's lower ROF. Same goes for FPS. I don't NEED a 400 FPS gun to play well.

Out of the box, for the prices we pay here, I want something that works without having to open it up and play around in it.

Would you buy an ass-cheap computer that need all the internals swapped or upgraded just because the casing, keyboard and mouse looks cool ? I'd go with unpack-plug-play. The rest can be changed later.
I agree. I play mainly semi auto so a low fps is nice also for a first time player it would be better. I say this because what if you got lit up to close from a gun that stock shoots 350 you don't like it. But if you get lit up by a tm which will shoot 250 to 280 (depending on the barrel length) and its slower rof your not as pissed.

And all Donster was I think trying to say in general was TM is the Benchmark to which others are. So having a CA TM comparision is great. I think most should be TM/brand x. I've always been happy with TM stuff. I haven't owned alot of it. But it was some of the best I have had.
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