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Like is said to Mopic in one of my e-mails, I don't care about the time it may take to have my KWA M9 PTP since it seem to be the only place that I can find one, but I would love to know where is the gun actualy: customs, on order to get to you etc.

He never answer this mail. The facts are that when I wanted the gun, mopic said that it has one stock ready for me. So I bought it, receive a e-mail that it should arrive within 2.5 weeks. A month later, I'm asking if there was any trouble because I didn't receive the gun.

I was simply following instruction on his website: Under normal circumstance you will receive your item in approximately 14 days, in many cases it may be less. If delivery time is expected to surpass 21 days we will give you the option of cancelling, at no charge to you.

So, after that, he answer: the gun will be shipped at the end of the week.

What means that at the first e-mail he sent me of my gun being shiped was a lie. As simple as that.

After that he never told me what was the delay. Simple question, no answers....

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