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Originally Posted by Fury View Post
AA having terrible business practice does not mean that anything better is acceptable.
I don't think I'm making my point clear. I'm essentially saying folks need to have a little patience and a little faith. In the days of AA, and I bring them up because it was Mark's primary bussiness, the AS store and surplus, it wasn't uncommon to wait at least this long for something that was "in stock" much less a special order. Given that Mopic's shindig is a sidebussiness to his real life, it isn't suprising that things can take a bit longer. When he had delays, there were rabid packs of users running to his defence, even after longer delays and obviously fake excuses. Yet Mopic has constantly been villified on ASC for missing some, when its not his primary focus.

Like I said, if you don't like how he is running things, why not take your cash elsewhere? His prices are still pretty decent, unlike some of the other options out there, and though his comms aren't the best, it seems that he has yet to rip anyone off. I understand the want for instant gratification, we all do. But by the same token I think everyone needs to take a step back, and calm down a little.

Just my 0.02 after dealing with god knows how many retailers over the years. From Tru to DEA, to Rangers, to APEC/Blue Seas, to ASCA to the new kids on the block, everyone has had their teething troubles, and everyone has had their own quirks. (Who can forget Tru rolling up to FR in that sports car he had, popping the trunk and looking like an arms bazaar!), give it a little time, and keep bugging him via e-mail about comms. But at the end of the day there are a few threads on ASC about his lack of comms, so its not something unexpected... I suppose everyone should just do a little searching before entering a deal, especially one where a deposit is involved.
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