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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
Can't you also get fined for bringing in the illegal goods?
No, CBSA simply sends you the dreaded letter from the Prohibited Importations Unit

3 Options Are Usually Given

1. Destroy the prohibited item after 90 Days
2. Send in your appeal (Mcguyver is on the money, takes a long time)
3. Find a Courier service than will accept shipment of prohibited unit to send it back where it came

Those are the options

Most of the time people choose option 1. if you are lucky to get a letter allowing option 3 you will still have to hunt down and pay extra fees for a courier to send it back. But that takes a long time too as you must find a courier who is willing to go to the CBSA building where it was kept pick it up at a designated time, and then sign off that they got it and are sending it back.

Shipping Fees upon fees will be on top of that
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