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Originally Posted by Lisa View Post
And look at what ended up happening with A&A....
A&A ended due to massive fraud, not due to poor comms. Mopic seems to have delivered on everything he has promised, though not within the initial time frame promised. I imagine that his track record has gotten more spotty due to the volume he is dealing with now, vs that of last winter.

My point is this is a side bussiness for the guy, he is doing this to, by and large, help the community (don't forget when he started our other options were.... wait were there any other than A&A, or private importers that you had to know personally to bring kit in for you?), there are other retailers now, so folks if you don't want to wait, talk with your money. Personally I will continue to go with Mopic if he has what I want or need, otherwise I'll consider others too.

PS - Its not only Mopic who is missing deadlines by the way, but since this isn't the AV section no names go out. My point is we all need to be patient here. I agree the lack of comms is something that isn't good, but understand what your getting into before you order. Its not like he hasn't been villified on this site. It is funny though, that many of the same people who bitch and moan about slow responses from Mopic were the same who so readily ran to Mark's defence when A&A was around. (Don't mean the OP)
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