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Originally Posted by Krymzon View Post
I'm just putting my 2 cents but still, isn't it true that if your gun shoot more than 407 fps, if the CBSA take it, after the test they're suppose to give it back to you ?

Since 407 fps is the magic number between replica and firearm, IIRC.

Is that right ?
Yes, sort of, but with some clarification:

The 407 fps guideline is an RCMP Forensic Firearms item, and is not a CBSA policy specifically. During the years since C-68 came into force, there have been many folks who've attempted to import a replica. Only a few have proceeded with appeals all the way through the process to reach the CITT (Canadian International Trade Tribunal), and those decisions are available to the public. During the course of many decisions, the RCMP was contacted to provide expert testimony to determine if a gun was capable of causing serious bodily injury (hence the 407 fps with 0.22g BB or about 425 fps with 0.20g). This has been a benchmark that has divided nearly all airsoft guns from pellet guns and other legal airguns (regardless of their physical appearance).

Now, herein lies the problem. Many folks in this community have read HoJo's FAQ, and this info is in there and is no secret. For a guy who wants to spend $400 U.S. for example on a gun, and it gets seized, you only have 2 options. Appeal the seizure and be prepared for years and many $$$ before a decision is rendered, or cut your losses and walk away. Almost nobody takes the appeals route.

If you can guarantee 100% that your gun exceeds the 407 fps guideline, and would do so in testing without nuking itself, you are prepared to spend years having it tested, analyzed, and countless hours on appeals and perhaps even going to court if need be to get your $400 gun back, then by all means, import it. If there is any doubt to what I've said, read the CITT appeals, and you see what I mean. If you are not prepared to follow through with it, don't even start and order one from in Canada.

It really is that simple.

Read the FAQ.
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