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Originally Posted by Fuzy View Post
Yes i am aware, that was my point. Ujiro seemed to imply that the poor stocks of Canada based airsoft distributors is based on the lack of importations, and my point being - where do you think the Canada based companies get them?
Well to start the majority of Canadian based companies carry what is now termed "legal" Airsoft for Canada or Cansoft. Each model has a clear reciever part making its internals transparent and for some reason the Canadian govenment see's this as an ok thing for retailers to bring in on their own.

If you are looking for other forms of airsoft guns (the non clear kind), then all I can tell you at this time is retailers do exist in this country, and the items are all brought in legally (I will not explain this process). If you wish to find out more in regards to how to aquire one of these airsoft guns then you will require to proceed with this websites process known as age verifacation.
Once this is complete you will be granted acess to this websites buy and sell section and you will also learn of the Canadian retailers who legally bring in airsoft.

For more information in regards to getting age verified, please see here:

For a list of verifiers in your area, please see here:

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