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Originally Posted by matt491 View Post
Not to knock your effort or anything, but this review does little for noobs. You didn't say anything about FPS, rate of fire, accessories that are compatible with it, etc, etc. All this "guide" seems to talk about is reliability when there's a lot more to look at and take into account when choosing an AEG.

The rate of fire is why I stayed away from TM guns. I've never been impressed with them. Out of the box, their ROF is nothing compared to a CA or an ICS.
As long as noobs finds all these exchanges informative... You see, for me ROF is not an issue. Since I fire 90% of the time in semi or very short bursts, I don't mind TM's lower ROF. Same goes for FPS. I don't NEED a 400 FPS gun to play well.

Out of the box, for the prices we pay here, I want something that works without having to open it up and play around in it.

Would you buy an ass-cheap computer that need all the internals swapped or upgraded just because the casing, keyboard and mouse looks cool ? I'd go with unpack-plug-play. The rest can be changed later.
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