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Intellect Mini 9.6v 1400mah NiMH

Gun Used: TM P90
- Stock everything except
- Modded Modify 90 Spring
- Modify Polycarbonate Cylinder Head, Piston

Cheapo Wall Charger - 300mah

Torture Testing Part 1: Constant Play

5 Times in a Row Drain and charge by Plinking/Gaming

- Full Auto
(Held trigger for 3 - 10 rounds)
- Semi-Auto
(Quick tapping in CQB situations, as fast as I can pull)

First 4 times I noticed the ROF on the 9.6v was amazing but after awhile I started to not be able to discern the difference. Perhaps I got a faulty one?

Torture Test Part 2: Overcharge by 2-3 hours

Batteries Used in Comparison
- Intellect 1400 mah
- No-name Green wrapped 8.4v 1100mah Battery

Intellect Battery
- Still kicking
- Full auto works well
- Semi auto work well no jams
- ROF decreased not as crisp and fast as it was on the first charge

No Name brand Battery(From CYMA MP5)
- Same ROF as before
- ROF appears to sound more crisp than Intellect

Lesson Learned:
- BUY A Smart Chargers NOW (Obviously!)
- Cheapo Wall Chargers are bad shorten battery life and decrease ROF
- Intellect says it does not need to be discharged it is a plus but overcharge once and its greatness
- Only use Wall charger on backup batteries
- Intellect Batteries are not as godly as the advertising says

Either I got a dud (or I messed it up myself) or Intellect is just "another" battery among the NiMH, if seeking high ROF go LIPO

Take it from me GET A SMART CHARGER
Cheapo Wall Chargers Never again

Universal NPT Smart Chargers
An affordable charger that is better than cheapo wall chargers
- Pistolero Steve -

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