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Originally Posted by Lisa View Post
And look at what ended up happening with A&A....
Precisely. Using A&A as a model of how business should be conducted is like using Hitler as an example of how a leader should run a country. Not that I'm saying Mopic is anything like A&A. You're pretty much guaranteed to get what you pay for from Mopic or get your money back. With A&A, your custom order was more than likely to be sold off in his store for more than what you paid for it while being told that your particular identical product was "held up in customs".

The point is, NO ONE would put up with anything like this if it was for a product other than an airsoft gun. If I were to wait weeks on end to ship stuff I sell on ebay and have no contact with sellers, I'd have nothing but negative ratings and assloads of PayPal claims against me. If you were to order a burger from McD's and they ignored your ass for 30 minutes while filling out other peoples' orders, you'd be fuming, and rightfully so. If you bought a nice new 42" plasma TV from The Brick and they promised next day delivery, and you didn't have it a week later and they didn't return your calls, you'd be livid. I know I would be.

So why put up with it when it's for airsoft and make all kinds of excuses for the seller when he can't even make an effort to explain himself and issues?

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