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Retailer Common Questions

Most common questions asked on ASC

- Do you have this item on stock?
- What does it come with?
- How do I pay for this?
- Do you take DD, EMT, Paypal?
- Can you get this for me?

The answers to these are all in the retailer's first post.

Just read their first post as it is crucial!

Do not skim
Just go straight to the first post as all retailers put their main products as well as payment information and other details.

If its in the picture thats what you are getting unless stated otherwise. Retailers aren't going to trick you and if they do report them for false advertisement.

If a retailer says they do not do custom orders it is true.
"I know I read your post but I was wondering if you can get me..."
Well to save you time it is an often no.

Aside from that support your local retailers on ASC, love them, cherish them, give them your pay cheques or whatnot. They are all a reasonable bunch but just to save you on time go through the first post and if they do not have their basic crucial information then you must remind them to add it in!

Happy hunting my friends
- Pistolero Steve -

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