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Originally Posted by Azuki View Post
Oh my...

It's so.... cute!

If you want parts get your butt over to an age verifier and get verified. It'll open up the forums/classifieds for you.

Personally would've used duct tape for that guerilla look, but still quite sleek.

Any input on how well its running? The rest of your set up? Also don't bother with laser sights, just get yourself a rail and optics if you must. Kalashnikov iron sights are an icon though man, just learn to aim with those :P.
The iron sights are fine, the problem is with it lacking a stock and having a decent bit of heft means that shouldering it for long periods is a bit less comfortable than it could be, but it also means you almost get a recoil effect and slight muzzle jump which is fun. Would probably be nice with a red dot or something, is there perhaps a replacement receiver cover with a rail on it I can slap a cheap red dot on or something?

Apart from the loose fire selector that apparently plagues all AKs, its running great. Although I have nothing to compare it to but its running flawlessly with 0.2s as far as I can tell,like to put dents in the door of my garden shed made out of cedar from about 20-30 feet, wont feed the garbage cheap ass 0.12s I have at all though.

Rest of my setup is non existent, but I'm looking at picking up a big chunk of lowcap/realcaps that don't need winding or rattle and because I love slamming a new mag in. I also want to pick up a sidearm, I was eying either nice battery pack powered EBB Glock or a CO2 powered half-metal Beretta 92, which IS actually airsoft and runs off of common CO2, which is apparently an oddity.

Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
Wow, you've been here since Nov 2003, and 5 years later, you got your first gun. LOL amazing.
Signed up many years ago when I was younger, finally had a full time job, disposable income, and drew some of it away from real firearms temporarily to pick up a decent airsoft gun.

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
It looks like Coleco waited until he was 18 before getting his airsoft gun.
Haha not quite, just didn't really have the means to get a nice one until I was 18 coincidentally, I had my fare share of Canadian Tire specials and CO2 guns.

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Not connected to this post in any way.
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