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Most people give CA a bad name but base that on their old versions. I will openly and honestly say that the new CA guns are much better than marui guns in every way.

I have been dealing with CA guns for the past 2 years, both mine and others, and both used and new, and have not found a lemon yet. I have also not heard of any lemons here on ASC popping up. They do have fairly brittle pistons compared to TM yet I have never seen one strip with stock parts. The only stripped CA pistons I have seen are from people putting in 400+ fps springs and using the stock piston body.

CA's new motors that are speed and torque specific are great, sure they aren't anywhere near a SystemA turbo or magnum but they turn over stronger springs with less voltage and give higher rates of fire with less voltage than TM motors.

Even the plastic parts on CA guns are far better than TM. My CA AUG has fiberglass reinforced plastic where a TM is all solid ABS. CA guns have a nice texture (the G36 series is the best example) where a lot of TM guns are smooth and almost shiny. CA also uses steel where they should, the foregrip pin in my CA AUG is steel where its potmetal in a TM and is known to snap off.

Like Amos said, the only TM guns I would buy are the M14 (best there is, period) and GBB's (can't speak for the VSR-10 since I have never owned one.)

I haven't heard of it in a while here on ASC but CA guns are also now as far as I know all standard part compatible. Where in the past they had funky dimensions on some things like mechbox shells and buffer tubes so you had to use CA parts, now they are all standard and work find with all the major aftermarket companies parts.

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