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Originally Posted by matt491 View Post
Not to knock your effort or anything, but this review does little for noobs. You didn't say anything about FPS, rate of fire, accessories that are compatible with it, etc, etc. All this "guide" seems to talk about is reliability when there's a lot more to look at and take into account when choosing an AEG.

The rate of fire is why I stayed away from TM guns. I've never been impressed with them. Out of the box, their ROF is nothing compared to a CA or an ICS.
very true. i will go back later today (if i get the time) and add said details such as ROF, FPS etc etc. I simply wanted to answer a basic question that i had when i first started and if someone pointed me to this when i first got into the sport, i wouldn't have had to ask so many questions about the difference between CA and TM.
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