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Originally Posted by matt491 View Post
Not to knock your effort or anything, but this review does little for noobs. You didn't say anything about FPS, rate of fire, accessories that are compatible with it, etc, etc. All this "guide" seems to talk about is reliability when there's a lot more to look at and take into account when choosing an AEG.

The rate of fire is why I stayed away from TM guns. I've never been impressed with them. Out of the box, their ROF is nothing compared to a CA or an ICS.
Well if I was new into the sport I would like something reliable. Not something that would break every 5min. I've seen some V2 gearboxes that have had these issues. Most of the time its pistons. Which is a common CA problem. That being said yes more comes into play than reliablity.

This might include things like;
-Which has better externals?
-Which parts are upgraded in a G&G or an ICS, or CA?
-How does it relate to real steel? ICS, G&G, PTW's have a lot that is sized similiar to real real steel or are the same size as real steel in the PTW's case.
-How does it hold up in adverse weather?
-What are common problems with said brand? Too much lube, not enough. Bad piston, gears, bad metal, etc.

Also keep in mind there is a CA sportline which like a TM has a plastic body.
They are also priced similarily. So it boils down to the V2 gearbox you like better.
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