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Hi all,
I recently signed up while looking for information about some gear I was thinking about getting. I am originally from Comox Valley BC, but have lived the last 12 years in Japan.

About 3 months ago some friends and I were walking through the electric district of Tokyo and stumbled on a place selling used Airsoft pistols. They looked cool, and we thought they would be fun for props in film and video...I bought a Walther P99

Well, soon I and my 3 office mates were having pistol shooting competitions in the office. I looked into Airsoft a bit more and discovered in is a huge thing here in Japan.

I decided to get an AEG used of a Japanese auction sight, and got a great deal on a TM M733 commando.

Then my buddies and I headed to a few indoor games (and 1 at a local park that we organized in the late evening).

We were hooked. I picked up a TM M14 Socom and a TM 1911 MEU pistol. Just a few days ago I picked up a TM MP7A1 with the new Tracer Unit and a nice dot sight.

I think it is fair to say I am addicted!

Being in Japan I have access to alot of equipment at really good prices, but the language barrier makes it hard sometimes. I thought this might be a good place to pick up some tips and advice.

Too bad I can't get age verified cause I am out of country.

Anyway, enjoy!
I look forward to reading more.
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