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Mopic has his own website. AV means fuck all outside of ASC. Mopic is a stand up guy, yeah his CS and comms seems to suck balls but learn from your experience. You will get your money back, you can choose to buy else where, but like you said, you don't have many options.

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this is pretty typical of mopic, don't be very surprised if anyone's wanting to do business with him. Out of all the retailers, he probably had the highest amount of forum complaint threads on ASC.
Yeah, that's probably because the majority of ASC buys from him, your bound to have more complaints with more transactions. Remember how PTW were suppose to be indestructible? More people bought them so issues were more common, same thing. I'm not saying I approve of what he is doing, but he is retailer where there are few, if you don't want to buy from him then don't buy, someone else will. Beggars can't be choosers, take what you can get.

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