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ECHO1 Barrett REC7 and Zombat Stryker

From Arnie's Airsoft:

ECHO1 USA have two new AEGs out:
Barrett REC7: The Barrett REC7 is a powerful and reliable rifle styled in the familiar AR configuration.

Itís a no-nonsense rifle designed specifically for those who must have a completely trustworthy, compact rifle that requires little maintenance and delivers conclusive results. The REC7 gun features a metal free floating rail attachment system, reduced length of pull stock for use with body armor and bulky OTV of todayís war fighter.

The stock also features a quick disconnect sling mount for multiple sling options. The gun features a low profile back up iron sights (BUIS) that are compatible with most optics. As usual and true for both Barrett and Echo 1 USA… our rifles are reliable and powerful!
∑ Metal Outer Barrel
∑ Short Full Stock
∑ 10.5 Metal RAS
∑ Working Charging Handle
∑ Metal Hi-Cap Magazine
∑ QD Stock Extension Sling Mount
∑ Enhanced Hop Up Unit
∑ Flip-Up Sight (Front and Rear)
∑ Full Barrett Trade Mark

Zombat Stryker
∑ Metal Outer Barrel
∑ LE Retractable Stock
∑ Working Charging Handle
∑ Metal Hi-Cap Magazine
∑ Enhanced Hop Up Unit
∑ Flip-Up Sight (Front and Rear)
∑ Battery Box for battery compartment
∑ Unique Look
∑ All Metal Receiver


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