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Originally Posted by matt491 View Post
New guys like you don't know what it was like to get airsoft guns a year or two ago. I'm just saying be thankful for any suppliers we have.

If you don't like his service, don't order from him, plain and simple.

I'm saying this isn't his full time job, give him a break. Every single one of his negative reviews that has surfaced has been sorted out. They either got the gun or got a refund. He has a crazy job that takes him all over the place unexpectedly. I'm just saying be patient and give him a break, you'll get your refund.
Ok, that's fine but either way he is a retailer and there is NO excuse for not replying to your customers quickly. I think that he should have the fact that he has a crazy job that takes him all over the place posted on his site so that customers know whats going on. But yes you are right on the fact that he has fixed up all his deals perfectly in the end and I have to give him a thumbs up for that.
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