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OK OK.. NO, no matter what mopic does for a living this still does NOT make up for the BS that he pulls. after all the bad reviews I have seen about mopic I have sworn that I will never buy from him. Sorry but Mopic if you want to retail your guns then learn to reply to your customers Quick and Swiftly also make your emails more understandable.
New guys like you don't know what it was like to get airsoft guns a year or two ago. I'm just saying be thankful for any suppliers we have.

If you don't like his service, don't order from him, plain and simple.

I'm saying this isn't his full time job, give him a break. Every single one of his negative reviews that has surfaced has been sorted out. They either got the gun or got a refund. He has a crazy job that takes him all over the place unexpectedly. I'm just saying be patient and give him a break, you'll get your refund.
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And you're calling us immature? Neuter yourself with a hammer.
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It will help to not get you flamed here, and will help you get a job that doesn't require the repeated use of the phrase "Would you like fries with that?"
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