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He has a crazy job! He works out of the country 99% of the time, all over the world. He works in the media, and with what's going on in the world right now, I'm surprised he has time to sell airsoft at all!

Chill out and be thankful that we still have retailers with decent prices like Mopic. He communications may be a bit slow, but this isn't his full time job. Understand that he does this on the side.

I've bought two guns from him, no problem. One had GREAT coms, literally an hour after I'd send a pm, he'd respond, but he was in the country for that week.
Second gun he was out of country on a news story, coms took a little longer, but I got my gun.

He has always gotten people their gun or a refund. Relax and remember that he doesn't do this full time. He has another busy, stressful job.
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