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Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
Guys, please don't panic, didn't age verified my, but mopic did, I sent him a copy of my driver license that I scaned. After that, I sent exact payment and he told me the (will arrive in 2.5 weeks). Now Mopic just ignored all my mails asking for refund. It is weird since you can read this :Under normal circumstance you will receive your item in approximately 14 days, in many cases it may be less. If delivery time is expected to surpass 21 days we will give you the option of cancelling, at no charge to you.: on their webpage.

Communication before payment was one day waiting... now it's 3 days waiting up to no answer after 1 week yet
he is probably working out of the country, from my experience he is often covering news out of the country with little or no time to access internet, i have dealt with him for quite sometime now and so far aside from some long wait there are no problems(long wait occurs when he is out of Canada)

This however does not condone the actions of Mopic but considering that majority of the retailers are not doing this as their bread and butter job I can understand and tolerate the long wait, Mopic is not another propscam just maybe a little too busy.
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