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Well, well, how to start. I order from them a KWA M9 PTP second generation. I simply couldn't find it anywhere else. Roger told me that he had one in stock, so I paid him through paypal and received this e-amil: Expect it to arrive within 2.5 weeks

As usual, he doesn't use more than a couple of words in his e-mail. I waited until the 20 november, 4 weeks, before asking question. I sent him 3 e-mails before having an answer: There is a little delay, they item will ship at the end of the week

So, from my point of view, the gun wasn't in stock at first, because it can't take more than a month to travel in the same country.

1 decembre, I sent another e-mail, asking him if he read my last e-mail (it usualy takes 3 e-mails before they asnwer): I did, The item has been delayed I can offer a refund should you choose.

So I sent back a big e-mail explaining to him that I didn't care about waiting, I would rather love to have the airsoft then the refund but I wanted to know what the delay is cause by? Do they have or not the gun in stock?

No answer, for several days. So I ask for a refound. No answer yet, we are the 9 decembre.

Will I ever see my money you think?
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