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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Sorry my mistake!

That sorbothane sheet didn't cost me anything, I forgot I had ordered parts at the same time, I was counting the cost of the parts!!


Wow have I ever fucked this thread up!
Alright, that clears some things up. Because that price difference was huge! lol.

Originally Posted by Tirador View Post
As far as the ASC rule is concern. you can not be an ASC retailer if your age is not verified. I love to be a retailer though but it is impossible. no ASC age verifier will fly here just to check my age or vise versa.

As I've said. If that is the hard feelings. let the Sorbothane thread gone forever.

Thanks ASC. I'm very proud that I'm a member here and I consider this site as my second home.
After Japan, Sorbothane in airsoft was started here in Canada and now it is everywhere.
I don't know why your thread was removed, but I can look in to this for you.

Chances are, it was removed due to our new retailer status', and seeing as how one of the retailers who has paid for space is also one of your distributors ( I wouldn't worry too much about your product not getting sold here.

It's an equality thing... if all the other retailers here have to pay money in order to make money using ASC, it doesn't seem fair if we let someone else slide by making money without having to pay a cent.

... Does that make sense?

Originally Posted by Tirador View Post
I dont run an online shop.
That doesn't matter - by having the retailer status, you are welcome to post and discuss a lot of retail-related issues on the board, as well as create for sale threads in the retailer forums.
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