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A&K SPR Mod 0 Carbine

I wanted to wait until I had a few rounds through this gun before I wrote a review. I think far too many are written based-upon first impressions more than long term experiences.
There also will not be any pictures for this one. It looked just like all the other reviews show it, however I've got a few points not covered in the reviews on Arnies etc.....

So here we go:

The box was VERY nice, full color printed and well shaped foam. Only thing really missing was a manual, didn't even come with a single sheet of Engrish.
It did however some with the following:
Clear mini BB-loader (looks like a king arms)
1500mAh 8.4V Sub-C battery for crane stock
Mid-cap Mag (again, suspiciously like a king arms)
Precision Philips head screwdriver (although everything is allen head, go figure)
ABS Vert fore-grip
The standard china charger, cleaning rod and bbs.

This thing is really, really heavy. This could be a consideration if you don't like dragging around anything with realistic weight. The flash hider is also not removeable, but there is a large threaded portion; it's non-standard so finding an attachment may be impossible.
The fore-end and top rail are one very solid piece. I feel total confidence in it's ability to stand-up to the worst that play will offer.
The other major highlight are the flip-up sights. These are really nice, very good construction and easy to use. They offer a lower 1/3rd cowitness with an Aimpoint and low-mount. Unfortunately they are too low to do the same with an Eotech.
The body seems to be compatable with King Arms metal mags (no big shocker there) without modification, but they do fit a little loose.
My main problems with the externals are as follows:
The lower rail on the fore-end does not extend very far back which can make the vert grip a bit of a reach.
The crane stock does not feel like good plastic but has so far been very durable.
The finish is easily scratched and the dust-cover will not stay closed.
Nothing that makes a deal-breaker by any means.

These are staying stock and unadjusted for the purposes of testing (except as noted below) how well a pre-upgraded chinese gun will last. So far reliability has been excellent (1500-2000 rounds). I will not open the mechbox until something fails, at that point I will take many pictures of the gory details.
The only two things I changed were the motor height (made a small difference, it was too high from the factory) and the hop-up bucking (explained in the performance section).
The hop-up itself is a metal, one piece unit that works very well and stays where you put it. It also seems to resemble a King Arms (see a pattern?)
It should be noted that the spring is called an M130 by many people but it seems to vary gun to gun.

I have not had the opportunity to crono this exact gun. But the one I shot through a paintball crono was shooting right around 400 fps. If what I've read online is true this is on the low end for these guns. Some are shooting as high as 450. It would be very prudent to crono before you bring it to the field to avoid lighting someone up with a hot gun.
The only poor performance I've noticed on this gun has been from the hop-up. Stock it is very inconsistant both side to side and vertically. It did break-in a fair bit but never to an acceptable standard. I decided to swap for a Guarder black and I could not be happier. Shots are now much more accurate, the .2g BBs I tested with tonight are much more accurate than the .25s I gamed with yesterday.

Excellent Performance
Very solid
Full TM compatability
Great Value

Some parts are obviously cheap
Can be too hot to game in some places
Reliability remains to be proven

I would have to recommend this gun. Both that I've handled have shot well and felt very sold. I would say that going over the whole gun and making sure everything is snug is the first thing to do once it's out of the box (a few small things were loose). Otherwise it's a very gameable piece of hardware for a reasonable price (should be around $500, don't quote me on that).

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