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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
I have, and I know how much it costs.

Your price:
Originally Posted by Amos-
Tirador sells Sorbo sheets, You'd be better off with just one of those sticky targets... a 3"X3" square cost me close to 30 bucks.
Amos should refrain on this. he is a good buyer of KSC gbb replacement parts.
there was a time he bought a bunch of KSC replacement parts and i gave him a free sorbo sheet for his KSC TMP.

anyway, whatever happend to that sorbothane thread just leave it that way. it was a part of the sorbothane-airsoft history though.

just a wild guess. because my age is not verified. and nobody can verify my age here in Japan that is why the sorbothane thread is being removed.

for those who follow that thread from all over the world.
I'm sorry guys you might not see that thread again.

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