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Originally Posted by DPairsoft View Post
Wow all of you 18+ people really think you're so superior because you're verified and not 'underaged'. I betcha i'm just as mature as any of you when it comes to controlling myself with my airsoft gun. I think i'll be leaving this forum, shoulda known from the way i'd seen other young guys treated. You're all gonna think i'm being immature and overeacting but it seems to me that every time I make a thread somehow my age comes up and its not usually because of me.
Hey DPairsoft, no need to leave. It's great to find people of all ages have an interest in this sport. Some of us here do treat individuals of all ages equally. It's just that people become concerned for your safety. Not everyone that you will play with that's your age is mature enough to understand not to shoot others at point-blank range, etc and when parents get involved usually the mother will freak out and then airsoft is in hot water. We just want to protect the sport and everyone that plays it, so when your a bit older you can enjoy it too.
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