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Originally Posted by Auhydride View Post
Azuki, I think you are going to use sorbothane as a bb target right?
Aye... but it looks like it'll be too expensive to be worth it. 24"x24" sheets are over 100 bucks. I wish I knew how to mold plastic and had access to the sticky stuff they coat targets with... could do soo many things with them... *sigh*

anyways copied from external source:

The greatest of all shock absorbers... one pad that rules them all!

"SORBOTHANE, a proprietary visco-elastic polymer material that exhibits properties of both liquids (viscous solutions) and solids (elastic materials). It is polyether-based, polyurethane material or a combination of the properties of rubber, silicone, and polymers. It can absorb shock, and isolate vibration from an unusual high amount of energy from a spring. While many materials exhibit one of these characteristics, Sorbothane combines all of them in a stable material with a long fatigue life." - ARS(Japan)

Japanese engineers designed the SORBO pads that were used specifically for Airsoft, and wasn't really known until a few airsoft enthusiasts tried to test and proved the benefits of the "small wonder"... the result was exceptional. The SORBO pad has proven its worth. Its damping characteristics and cheap price can be a substitute for the silent piston heads (for the "silent operators"), and it eliminates the need for reinforced gearboxes when using High rated springs...


A sound test by Matt Lawson reveals the properties of SORBO at work..

"To measure performance I used the Audacity audio recording program and a boom microphone. To compare the performance difference I recorded the sound of my AEG before installation. Being careful not confound the results, I left the microphone in the same place from the initial recording and placed the AEG where I could easily replace once the installation was complete. Now since I do not have a video camera, I could not leave a microphone out in the yard to record the noise coming from the front of the AEG. This would simulate the noise heard by a target player. My recordings are from the left side of my AEG and are taken from within 24 of the gearbox... The performance of the sorbo pad was effective. I noticed a deeper tone in the piston head on cylinder head impact."

Actual product label, Manufactured by ARS - Airsoft Research Syndicate.

The ARS Sorbo Pad is already becoming popular in Canada, US, Indonesia, Finland, Turkey... and soon, Philippines.

Note: Laylax(Japan) also manufactures SORBO replacement pads

Hope that helps a bit :s
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