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Totally agree. That's what I was saying earlier about a barrier to entry being a good thing. Make it cheap and easy to get to first base (intro course), but harder / time consuming and more expensive to get to second base. A license fee could be a bit expensive the first year, then cheaper to renew. I'm a dragon boat captain and coach and you can see a big difference in the attitudes between committed people (who pay $300/yr and show up for 7 am Saturday morning workouts), and those playing around (who don't bother to show up 1/2 the time). The point isn't to squeeze people for money, it's to keep the participant quality high.

I applaud your efforts, but however I really like the quality of players we have in Canada. If we legalize airsoft, and made it cheap, I fear we would lose that. Just anyone (criminals, somehow minors will get their hands on them) would go into airsoft. While the people who pay an extra $100 per gun, have a lot more commitment. Just in my opinion
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