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Originally Posted by littlerobz View Post
I have a Huang 552, it is clear and good reticle (in the house at least). I picked up a polycarbonate lense for it. Thing won't fit on, and with it held in place, it's very blurry to look thru. I was just gonna take my chance and run it without next year. In my 2 years, I don't think I've ever taken a gun hit there.
If the polycarbonate lens bends at all, it will distorts and blurs the image. It has to fit perfectly or it's no good. I got my protector from ASC user Bruce who custom makes them for each particular model. I got mine from him for my 552 (not all models are the same - real-steel dimensions won't work on a Huang /G&P replica and vice versa.

While I'm sure a direct hit to the lens is probably a rare occasion, it does happen. FiveFingers had a reflex sight shot out on his shotgun at that game as well. I've also taken several BBs to my ELCAN when playing outdoors at Op Drug Bust and Border Wars 2. Luckily, that thick, convex outer lens can withstand hits a lot better. But with my EOTech replicas, I'd rather not take a chance. I'd hate to have to replace a $250 HurricanE sight over a stray BB. I wouldn't even want to have that happen to my Huang sight.
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