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Urban Assault - (Expensive)
- 2 Floor Structures (Building to be assaulted or defended)
- Foxholes here and there to hide in
- A few trenches
- Wooded area (Where Team A starts)
Can also have CQB in which one team starts in Structure A and other team in Strucutre B. Great for CQB and Tactical Scenarios

Open Warfare - (Relatively cheap)
- Bunch of trees
- Sandbag bases with small huts
- Trenches here and there
Great for people who like to improvise and plan on the go for defensive positions in the open or in a wooded area and good for Ghillie men/women

Paintball Field Style - Super Cheap
- Sandbags
- Tall Grass
- Foxholes
Pretty much a skirmish field barely any tactical side to it other than I try to kill your team on the other side


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