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I got to field both sights yesterday at an indoors game at the Mill and was quite pleased with both of them. Both performed very well and I would highly recommend either to anyone for indoors use.

As I mentions before, the Huang sight has less ghosting. That made it a joy to use. It's thinner, sharper reticule was great and easy to see. The light ghosting was not a distraction in any way.

The sight I used most though was the HurricanE mounted on my MP5. It performed flawlessly. With the varying light conditions at the Mill, the auto brightness feature was a major bonus. It would always adjust to the ideal brightness level. I never had to touch the controls during the day except to once turn it back on because of the 2-hour auto shutoff. The ghosting, while more apparent than on the Huanc sight, was really not noticeable.

One point though - when goggles are fogging, I find the smaller, sharper sight on the Huang sight easier to see. While the larger, fatter HurricanE reticule is easier to see in "normal"conditions, it tends to blur more with foggy googles.
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