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Airsofter makes it into the press via YouTube

From Arnie's Airsoft:

John Welsh sent in this bit of news:
Ignored by Airsoft press […] its been left to the main stream press to pick up on this, Three newspapers in two days, its not on The Sun website yet but it will be and also made the Scottish edition of The Sun today 5th December.

(J Welsh)

A DAD has become an internet sensation thanks to videos he made to show his son what he gets up to at weekends.

Gas worker John Welsh, 43, has acquired a massive worldwide army of fans who are addicted to his short films of extreme paintballing.

With more than 16,000 subscribers on YouTube, the father-of-two has overtaken Paul McCartney and Led Zeppelin.

According to official YouTube figures, he is now the site’s tenth-most subscribed poster of all time.[…] (The Daily Record )

Here’s the trailer “fubar trailer 2” from Scout the Doggie’s YouTube pages:

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