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Punisher 2 movie, MadBull AGX and competition!

From Arnie's Airsoft:

There’s news and competitions relating to the MadBull AGX and the new Punisher 2 movie that it appears in:
Check out AGX in the official website:

  • Go to:
  • ENTER THE WAR ZONE (On the right)
  • Go to “PUNISHER’s LAIR” (On the right)
  • Go to “Weapon Gallery” (On the right)
  • AGX is on your (Right bottom)

NOTE: There is no real steel AGX. AGX is created by MadBull. (MadBull)

Airsoft Pacific has teamed up with Lions Gate Films and to celebrate the release of PUNISHER: WAR ZONE on December 5th:
Brought to you by; Airsoft Pacific, Airsoft Extreme, and PUNISHER: WAR ZONE.

Airsoft Pacific has teamed up with Lions Gate Films and to celebrate the release of PUNISHER: WAR ZONE on December 5th. We’re hosting a “Show Your Airsoft Arsenal” photo contest. Take a photo of yourself with your Airsoft arsenal; be it a stockpile of AEGs, a small collection of great gear, or you decked out in your loadout. The general public will vote for their favorite photo, so creativity and originality counts! Try your best to capture the essence of the Punisher, check out for motivation.

Grand Prize: Classic Army G36K with Launcher
Brought to you by: Airsoft Extreme

ONE lucky winner who receives the most votes for his/her photo in the contest will win the GRAND PRIZE. EVERYONE WHO VOTES will be entered into a drawing to win Punisher merchandise including shirts, movie passes, and posters.

Submit a photo of your Airsoft arsenal for a chance at the grand prize. Classic Army G36K with grenade launcher from Airsoft Extreme. Over a $500 retail value. Oh, that’s not all, it’s pre-upgraded to 400 fps and includes a battery. You’ll also get four passes to see PUNISHER: WAR ZONE, a signed movie poster, and a PUNISHER: WAR ZONE t-shirt.


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