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Originally Posted by BlackRain View Post
Oh please, the guy declares the items, shows the customs agent and your bitchin and preaching... give me a break. How about you unwind yourself there and get off the all high and mighty horse. The guy followed the rules, declared the items to the agent, the agent saw them for what they were "TOYS", and then let the items into the country. These are freaking toys not real firearms so quit acting like he just imported a nuclear missile and is going to be the next premier terrorist on the planet. Everyone here knows it is either hit or miss if you declare airsoft items at the boarder and everyone who tries to bring them in understands the risk that they may be confiscated or turned away as part of it.

Rant off
Actually, he didn't follow the rules. Letter of the law says airsoft guns are prohibited devices. Illegal to import. That is letter of the law as it is written, and CBSA policy. As far as CFC and CBSA policy are concerned, there is no gray zone.

He got lucky, good for him. And other people might get the same response from CBSA officers. However, others may not. It comes down to this, do you really want to risk losing hundreds of dollars in airsoft guns? Once they're gone, they're gone, and CBSA won't pay you back for them, and neither will the seller most likely.

If you declare them, and they seize them, you won't be treated the way some of the posters here suggest. They'll simply seize the guns, probably give you a lecture on importing prohibited replicas, probably give your car a once over, then let you go on your way. However, don't expect to get across the border with out be searched and scrutinized ever again.

If they go to seize the guns, for the love of god, don't argue with the officer or try to 'educate' them on airsoft and the laws relating to airsoft. Just play dumb, pretend you didnt know they were considered replicas, tell them you thought they were just toys. If you piss them off, you'll earn yourself the rubber glove treatment.
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