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Thing is, I live in soccer mom land myself (and my daughter plays soccer so I guess I'm married to one too) so I know it's a perception thing. That's why, in our house, I bought a cheap Crappy Tire safe to keep the heat away from the neighborhood kids. Out of sight, out of mind.

When I mentioned the media, it's because the gun issue already is in the media almost everyday. In Toronto (with other cities to follow later I'm sure), the mayor has been pushing to close firing ranges, even safe ones that have never had a problem, which is basically all of them. Right now Airsoft is like gays in the US military, "don't ask don't tell". But Airsoft guns look like real steel, so they could easily get swept into any type of strict legislation. Really it's a combo of a PR campaign ("it's just a fun/safe game!") and government lobbying that would be needed. Which I think would be crazy expensive. So hopefully the gun lobby will be strong enough to keep the strongest legislation at bay. And maybe all the people cut off from the firing ranges will end up at CAPS
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