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It's not a matter of offending myself or anyone else... your post comes across as being houty touty so to speak. The way I see the laws as far as importing goes it is still a grey area. One set of rules say they have no clear definition and leaves it open to interpretation by the agents. The other says oh no no no you can't bring those into the country. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing when it comes to the whole airsoft issue and the Government. Clearly these are realistic looking toys, but they are toys non the less and should be treated as such but with some restrictions. As they look realistic enough to get you shot by a police officer they should be treated in such a manner reflecting that. The airsoft community polices itself very well in that area. Almost every pic on the sale boards shows a proper carrying case for them. Transportation... again another area that the airsoft community does very well in policing itself. I fully support the age verification system that this community has in place and give kudos for it's implementation. While it still has its faults it is by far an excellent way of insuring that people of mature and responsible age are in the ones buying these things. Once again another great self policing job done by the community. It gets so tiring hearing no no no don't do that by everyone pretending to be the supreme authority on the matter. It's all well and great to debate the issue and try to make a difference when it comes to the Governments interpretation and rules regarding airsoft items. I support that.. it brings out points that may have otherwise been overlooked and confirms the ideas and goals of what the community is seeking as a whole in regards to airsoft importation and rules. Non of us here can say that we know for sure what the interpretation of the laws will be when it comes to the agent or CBSA agency as a whole in regards to the matter. For you to say that it's going to have negative effects on the sport is wrong. He followed the rules plain and simple and was allowed to import the items. Don't shun him for following the rules.. he should be told "hey... great job... way to show that we are not a bunch of smugglers and law breakers". The vast majority of folks here know that it is a 50/50 gamble when you bring them into Canada. One agent may see it as a toy the other as restricted import item, it is in fact completely up to the individual agent you get when your at the boarder.


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