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Originally Posted by Muffin View Post
Congradulations, you beat the bad guys!!! I reccomend that everyone go out and try this and then give us a full report on the outcome.

Yes, you may have gotten these items through customs, that is possible. However, what you did is still illegal even though they let you through.
The customs officer could have unaware of the guidlines of the importing of these replicas or just simply didn't care. In short, you got lucky, they could have very easily been taken from you along with a lengthy search of your vehicle and bowels, not to mention being backlisted making it an unpleasant experience to travel outside of the country.
Please don't promote yourself saying 'hey if I can do it, you can do it" The last thing this sport needs is more restrictions.
Oh please, the guy declares the items, shows the customs agent and your bitchin and preaching... give me a break. How about you unwind yourself there and get off the all high and mighty horse. The guy followed the rules, declared the items to the agent, the agent saw them for what they were "TOYS", and then let the items into the country. These are freaking toys not real firearms so quit acting like he just imported a nuclear missile and is going to be the next premier terrorist on the planet. Everyone here knows it is either hit or miss if you declare airsoft items at the boarder and everyone who tries to bring them in understands the risk that they may be confiscated or turned away as part of it.

Rant off

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