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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
As for popularity with the masses, as long as its properly controlled I don't see a problem to it; limiting its popularization for fear of what a few idiots might do, in that specific context, would be akin to wanting to ban all [real steel] handguns because someone might use one to commit a robbery.
The problem is that's exactly what the soccer moms want to do to real steel. Right now the majority of the soccer moms have never heard of airsoft, and they can't protest what they don't know about. But once it gets in the media, and that's what would have to happen if we wanted to legalize it, they'd all get up in arms about it and probably would get airsoft banned altogether (since airsoft doesn't have the support that real steel does).

edit: Not that I'm against it persay, we just have to have a solid plan. We go off half-cocked and the soccer moms will bury us.


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