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Originally Posted by chester View Post
I'd put a couple hundred in per year in order to legitimize the sport (eg, for a license). In fact I think there should be a bit of a barrier to entry, and to buy a gun, otherwise every joe-shmoe that wants to shootem'up in the backyard (or worse) will pick one up. It's ok right now while airsoft is basically underground, but if it were totally legal and got popular with the masses it might get messy.

Not to fire up the old debate again, but the licensing and registration would pretty much take care of that. The average punk kid who wants a cheap springer to look more thugalicious in the schoolyard isn't going to be getting a license or paying fees.

With registration, it would be difficult for anyone to pass stuff on to him under the table; at least you have some minor amount of trackable accountability.

As for popularity with the masses, as long as its properly controlled I don't see a problem to it; limiting its popularization for fear of what a few idiots might do, in that specific context, would be akin to wanting to ban all [real steel] handguns because someone might use one to commit a robbery.
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