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To put an actual figure on it, put it this way:

If the government actually came out and said something like, "Okay, we'll allow import and possession, and everything will be dandy, BUT you need to have a license and pay an annual registration fee." And say that turned out to be $200/yr for the license (we're a small group so the administrative overhead for the license would be higher) and say $25/gun/yr... that's well over $500/yr in my case, but I'd be willing to pay it, because it's guaranteed I'd be in the clear and on the up and up all around.

If, OTOH, some politician (deputy) who was sympathetic to airsoft and wanted to raise money for his campaign, and he'd TRY to bring the issue up with his party, blah blah blah [LOL, electoral promise much?] I'd maybe throw $10 his way if I believed his party had a good chance of forming a majority AND that the party in question had a generally pro-gun ownership outlook (i.e., not Bloc, not Liberal and not NDP)
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