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For any organized movement to succeed, what is required is not just to retain good legal counsel to help navigate the murky waters of the various applicable Acts and Regulations, but it is equally important to retain a saavy political lobbyist to speak in one voice for us all. One who is able to bend the ear of legislators whether by charm and tact, or to influence their actions via threat of votes come election time...the GREAT FEAR of all politicians in government. It will not be a quick process and certainly it won't have any guarantees of success given the recent track records of other politically contentious lobby groups and the irritating screeches of a massively mis-informed ban-everything public. However, I would hope though that if we were to embark down this road with conviction in our hearts and with the strength of our wallets, then perhaps it might be possible to forge a way out of this grim mockery of justice wherein violent pedophiles and murderous gang bangers routinely receive suspended sentences while a toy salesman could potentially wind-up in Milhaven or Maplehurst for 4+ years...

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't the UK have a similar problem awhile ago but the legislators and airsoft community worked together for what is now an agreeable solution for all? Sooner or later I believe we will be faced with the same difficult choices the UK airsoft community faced, and we will have to begin dialogue with the regulators in order to preserve our community status quo. Or at our own peril, we could choose say nothing at all and soon the only choice will be clear plastic toys, unless of course the Liberals or NDP form a national government in which case there will be no toys for any of us.

That being said and providing the action plan is sound, I'd be happy to donate.


EDIT: This may be old news for some...or not, but this link to a summary of a constitutional challenge of various sections of the Firearms Act (hopefully) to be heard by the Supreme Court ( and the other related information presented on that website should serve as a serious wake-up call for all of us. It truly reveals the seemingly limitless extent to which capricious crown prosecutors will pursue even administrative firearms-related offences, and the extent our enshrined rights are being illegally legislated into oblivion. Don't for a minute think airsoft owners would be immune from persecution...err, prosecution either if they chose to come after you! To wit and in another of a long litanny of efforts to "rub salt into the wounds" in this case, the Ontario Crown is actually seeking forfeiture of the family home under the so called, "...Proceeds of Crime..." provisions of the Act. Read on folks, read the entire news archives and other links, and become truly disgusted with the manner our Government protects us by persecuting any citizen who visibly objects to their happy, pacified, gun-less-except-for-true-criminals society. S'cuse me while I go and vomit...

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