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Cool This community's financial weight

The whole talk around Will's situation has Harbinger of Darkness and me thinking. How much "donation" power do we have as a community (all of Canadian airsoft as a whole)?

If it ever came down to it how much would you (as an individual) really be willing to contribute to save our sport? Would you contribute anything? And I don't mean "I'd sell my gun to donate" kinda deal, I mean directly out of your current finances.

Before you all start with the "don't rock the boat" or "things are fine the sky isn't falling OMG n00b" comments, those aren't the reason for this post. I'm simply curious as to what the community would be willing to contribute to save airsoft should the need arise, because there's been some big talks in the past about throwing our weight around.

So how much do we weigh, in dollars and cents?
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