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That's the problem with all CLEAR guns. You can't shove any other magazines in except for the plastic shit ones they give you.
The gun comes with a metal magazine. I said that it may not be compatible with plastic magazines as they cannot be modified like the metal ones.

I'd prefer my clear M4 over full metal ones any day as I can be sure that it stays lawful. Very good quality gun.

I was able to open up the gun (not the gear box, unfortunately), and found a full metal gearbox painted black, with brass colored cylinder and what looks like a polycarbonate piston through the air intake hole. the hop up is light grey plastic and has green gears, which is apparently very similar to the full metal GR16's plastic hop up (which has had good reception from the owners). The motor feels smooth and very responsive. There is also a heatsink for the motor at the bottom of the handgrip.

The brass inner barrel has no markings, but I'm assuming that it is the tightbore that came with the metal GR16.
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