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Its over

Submissions are done.. Which menas the Court won't look at or review any new information on the matter.

The only thing left is for the Judge to give her decision.

As lawdog says.. the defense is asking for 2 years less a day served in the community.. and the Crown is looking for 4 year in prison.. so likely it will be somewhere in between ... But until the judge sets down the sentence .. its all idle speculation.

What is the take away? Listen to Will, Know what you are getting into before you get into it.

You can protest that he is being railroaded for selling toys all you want.. but the FACT is the law does not see it that way. Replicas are prohibited for a reason.. The fact that you believe a law to be stupid does not mean that it does not apply to you.

This decision will be important ... I have no idea if Will will appeal.. but if he does .. then the best help you can offer is $ to pay for the appeal.
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